This Portfolio will show a small selection of the types of work OWA has produced for a wide variety of settings both indoors and out with a broad selecton of clients. The range of scale is also reflected in the works below.

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A variety of lanterns, include withy and tissue work, woven foam
and ribbons. Larger than life Winter Queens, a fairy, and Jack Frost
have led lantern processions. Lanterns are lit with battery
powered LEDs.
Fairy Graf lantern Star Lantern



Bikes have fitted and welded extensions to carry framework and allowing movement.

Birds, insects, fish and a dragon have been made.
The Dragon is made with a wire frame, covered in netting with scales made from cut and melted green plastic bottles.

These projects can include lighting.

Bottle dragon Radio



From small Milk cartons to large hand held in Procession OWA has a wide range of Puppet making Experience.

Bottle puppet Jack Frost Blue Bird



Working to themes costumes can be created for processions, fashion shows. Previous commissions include Indias independence, costumes based on Ndebele patterns of South Africa, birds, fish, recycled fashion and graffiti.

Pink Hearts Ndebele Graf Costume



Photos of makes for parties

Model 1 Robot Player Druv



Bush Visit
Save the Whale
Climate Change Demonstration
Trade for Justice – Drop Poverty

Bush Visit Save the Whale Climate Change



OWA have a collection of flowers, which can be used as site decoration or inspiration for workshops.

Small flowers made from plastic bottles, made in their thousands can be used to cover large scale pieces such as Millenimum or Carmen figure.

Larger flowers are made from party poppers, cut and threaded plastic bottles, cut plastics, and variety of other materials.

Imperial War Museum Respect Story telling



OWA has extensive experience in creating costume, large puppets and moving bike sculptures for a range of themes and events. From the larger events such as WOMAD festival and The Thames Festival to Community parades and Educational workshops.

Bird Hats Summer Parade Fishes




JUNE 2007
A series of workshops focusing on individual and group reflections, representations and presentations of life experiences before and after drug or alcohol treatment. The artwork consisted of painting, drawing, collage , photography , and installation.

An exhibition and performance took place at The Red Gate Gallery, Brixton.

Thanks to Lambeth Aftercare Service.
Dawn Brecken - DBrecken@Lambeth.gov.uk
Edward Ilenotuma
Service Users


June 2008
Art workshops were facilitated between January and June and culminated in an exhibition at the Tate Library in Brixton.

The theme was Exploring Identity, and each picture tells a story about the individual’s personal journey. The pieces make up a giant jigsaw which is not completed as recovery is an on going process.

Taken from Down Vauxhall Way, Lambeth Aftercares monthly newsletter.

Participants talked about how they arrived at the workshop with no ideas or confidence in their skills, but with support of artist Ian, and from each other, their artwork ”just evolved”. Ian was described as “an inspirational man” who “got the best out of us !”

The workshop was a “ calm space” as well as a place for ”fun and laughter”

Running alongside the art workshops, Aftercare’s Psychologist, Jenny Maslin ran discussion groups on the theme.

See Moving away from problematic substance use: The importance of ‘identity shift’ Published in Clinical Psychology Forum, Sept 2009

Thanks to Lambeth Aftercare
Dawn Brecken - DBrecken@lambeth.gov.uk
Edward Ilenotuma
Dr. Jenny Maslin - JMaslin@lambeth.gov.uk

  Identity project
Larger image



Large and small Dragonflies are made from bottle tops, plastic bottles, wire and netting with a variety of materials for eyes and decorative details.

Small Dragonflies can be hung together to form chandeliers incorporating LED lights.

Orange Dragonflies Garden Yellow Dragonfly


For more detailed images of OWA work please go to the Galleries section

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